Corporate Profile

Who we are
LeiShen Energy Group is an equipment and service solutions provider in the oil and gas industry in China. We maintain two registered offices in China located in Beijing and Shandong Province, as well as two premises located in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province.
What we do
We provide specialty equipment solutions and various technical services to companies, including major national oil and gas companies, such as China CNPC and Sinopec, and other local oilfield service companies.

Through our solution-based business model, we provide a broad range of oilfield equipment and automation systems to our customers.  In addition, we provide a range of technical services throughout the life cycle of oil and gas onshore pipelines and processing facilities. We provide the following equipment and systems solutions, based on our proprietary technology:  

   • Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System
   • Multi-well Oil & Gas Separation and Measuring Devices
   • Natural Gas Metering Skids
   • Electric Actuators
   • Digital Control Lip in Seal Multi-pass Valves
   • Out-Transmit Metering Skids.

We also distribute to our customers a variety of equipment, including transmitter products, measurement and control devices, valves and online analyzing systems, through our exclusive distribution arrangements with major international oilfield equipment manufacturers, such as Dresser-Rand, Cameron, Emerson, Hach and Ametek.

Most of the specialty equipment that we sell requires substantial after-sales support over its operating life. Our after-sales business offers a range of services designed to enable clients to maximize their return on assets by optimizing the performance of their mission-critical equipment. Our main after-sales services comprise:

   • Compressor System Maintenance
   • Pipeline and Specialty Services
   • Instrument and Meter Maintenance Services
   • Acoustic pipeline leakage monitoring system

Our management teamand key operations and technical personnel have extensive management skills, relevant operational experience and industry knowledge. We have created and maintained a stable management team and have been able to retain our core management and key technical personnel since our inception.