Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System
    Due to the high pressure present in gas pipelines, ruptures or leaks may result from damage caused by excavations, blasting, landslides, mine subsidence or sim
    Multi-well Oil & Gas Separation and Measuring Devices
    A major problem in oil exploration and transmission is the failure of pressure activation devices. The pressure differential is dangerous and historically has c
    Natural Gas Metering Skid
    Our Natural Gas Metering Skid is a measuring device that is designed to measure crude oil flow, liquid natural gas flow, refined product flow, condensed liquid
    Electric Actuator
    An electric actuator is a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by an electric current and converts the electric cur
    Digital Control Lip in Seal Multi-pass Valve
    Our Digital Control Lip in Seal Multi-pass Valve is a newly designed device for oil and gas metering. This device is composed of a valve-body, valve-lid, valve-
    Out-Transmit Metering Skid
    An out-transmit metering skid, also known as a distribution metering skid or commercial metering skid, calculates the amount of oil or gas that has been transfe
    Other Products
    In addition to our own proprietary systems and products, we also act as an exclusive distributor for Dresser-Rand, Cameron, Emerson, Hach and Ametek for equipme
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