Multi-well Oil & Gas Separation and Measuring Devices

2011-07-09 18:02:17

A major problem in oil exploration and transmission is the failure of pressure activation devices. The pressure differential is dangerous and historically has caused many fatal accidents. We have attempted to address this problem by applying our separation and measuring technology to produce more reliable and accurate pressure activation devices.
Our Multi-well Oil & Gas Separation and Measuring Devices are different from other separators as they can separate oil and gas in a more efficient way.  The multi-pipes in our separator device can significantly reduce the risk of pressure exploration that may be caused by normal pressure vessels.  The multi-pipes can take some of the pressure through the gas/oil flow during the process, thereby reducing the amount of pressure in one area. To ensure the high efficiency of our devices, we adopt new separation and non-separation techniques when we design our separators. We believe that our devices will help our clients improve their field performance reliability and extend the service life of their equipment.