Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System

2011-07-09 18:05:13


Due to the high pressure present in gas pipelines, ruptures or leaks may result from damage caused by excavations, blasting, landslides, mine subsidence or similar events.  Our Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System monitors, detects and locates leaks that occur in a pipeline. This system is mainly used in oilfield and industrial facilities and works with pipelines which transmit oil, natural gas and water. This system consists of primary instruments, secondary instruments, Ethernet connectors and a central station.  According to our research, there are some local and international companies which are providing similar services. However, when it comes to the technology of acoustic pipeline inspection systems, in particular for gas and oil leaks during the processing stage, we believe that our technology is far superior. Our Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System can also be used in natural gas pipelines in cities to secure and lower the risk of gas leaks.
Our Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System is applied outside of pipeline walls and on two sides of a pipeline. We also install acoustic sensors and dynamic control tubes. The following diagram illustrates our Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System. 
We employ our proprietary hardware for our Acoustic Pipeline Inspection System. As shown in the diagram above, the acoustic pipeline inspection devices are located on the walls of the pipelines to detect leakages of either gas or oil. When there is a leakage, these devices send alerts to the Remote Terminal Units, or RTUs. The RTUs send signals to the host computer, which functions as a central monitoring station.