CASE OF Multi-well Oil & Gas Separation and Measuring Devices

2011-08-15 13:27:12

Project: Tahe Oilfield
Site: Xinjiang, China
Measuring system and separation system that have been sold to Tahe oilfield is a representative product sample for all our measurement&separation products for the oil and gas that helps with self-flowing well gas lift wells, pumping wells. It also combines with high gas measurement for low flow、high flow with low gas measurement、high flow high gas measurement and low flow low gas measurement.
We also maintain how accuracy for our targeted wells for the reserves, Such as one of our test runs in Tuoputai area in Tahe oilfield.
Crude oil density of Ordovician System reservoir in Tuoputai area in Tahe Oilfield is between 0.8220~0.9636g/cm3,average 0.8673g/cm3 ,and below condition under 30 degrees, crude oil kinematic viscosity is between 0.25 to 3765.89mm2/average 228mm2/s. This is the result outcome we obtained from our measuring system, which can present a reasonable high-accuracy of the measurement and separation. We also found under this data that the targeted area is divided north and south, which north is in a higher density segment, and south is in lower density segment.
Therefore, our equipment has high accuracy and highly adaptable in different environment.