2011-08-15 13:31:53

Project: Tahe oilfield
Site: Xinjiang, China
There is one type of compressor in Tahe Oilfield of Sinopec that is a type of product we provided our compressor maintenance service to.The compressor is made by HanJiang oilfield 3rd factory, model: 4RDSA-1.It is a symmetrical balanced reciprocating compressor, and the driver of this compressor (G3606LE engine) is provided and manufactured by the U.S. Caterpillar company. The largest single unit displacement 64.58 × 104Nm3 / with a total of 3 units, dual-use one prepared. These three 4RDSA-1 unites are the major elements for the mission of the transmission of gas from west to the east. In order to make sure the performance is under a good condition of the three 4RDSA-1/G3606LE compressorunites, we researched and designed a set of effective practices and regulations to make sure the operation and maintenance is under a right track. In our daily practice, we have been able to make sure our work is based on the right and efficient check with all products, and response all problem in a timely basis. Therefore, we had get a widely recognition by our users.