2011-08-15 13:33:20

Project: Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Branch YakelaCaiqichangDalaoba Station, DCS upgrade and expansion
Site: Xinjinag, China
DCS system Dalaoba station was built in 2004 for Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Branch Yakela gas production plant; it was using FOXBRO intelligent automation Series-I / A system. I / A Series combines powerful performance, advanced information processing capabilities and multi-purpose computers and workstations within the operational, and industrial-grade, its fastness and security is beyond the traditional DCS and PLC. These characteristics make I / A  become the world's first truly open system, the most important advantage of this system is to use the period of the lowest cost.
It has been six years since the DCS system first used in Dalaoba Station, during these years, many technological transformation were taking up on the remaining I / O channels, therefore, this has caused problems, such as inadequate channel margin; due to old software version, there comes less stability problems; low system cabinet with power supply cabinet, cabinet cards, that caused no extra space inside the cabinet, or limited space for installation of a new chips and cards. Also, because the I / A 8.5 version can only run on Dell 390 workstation, so if you want to upgrade workstation hardware that you must first upgrade to the current Dell T3500, and T3500 workstation is built on the Mesh network communication operation, so CP60 must upgrade to FCP270 controller, in the way like this, the communication speed has greatly improved the original system. After the upgrade the problems will be fully resolved, and expansion is also greatly improved, other software (such as OPC software, operator actions logging software) and so can the new version be safely operated on the new software.